Know your greenhouse gas emissions.

Helping people and businesses make a difference.

Why should you make a change today?

The climate is changing and we are the reason why. We cannot change the past but we can take responsibility for the future. Our government makes promises on emission reductions and focus on changing large corporates while there is almost nothing to make it easier for every home to reduce or off-set.

Make it your challenge to make a difference, whether it is small or large, and then challenge a friend. The more every NZ home can reduce the greater the impact we will have.

And if that isn’t enough for you, when you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions you will reduce your energy costs. Saving your hard earned money while saving the planet.

You can make a difference by making simple changes.

Everyone creates greenhouse gasses, not just our government, so why leave it up to them to make the impact. If every New Zealander started reducing their greenhouse gas emissions we would make a faster and larger impact than our government could through legislation.

Here are some simple ways you can make a change today.

Turn off at the wall

If there is a light it means you are using power. Turn off at the wall whenever you can.

Change your lightbulbs

The lightbulbs you use can make a significant difference, so get the most efficient ones.

Look at your transport

Small changes to how you get around will impact your fuel usage. Can you car pool to work, walk or bike to friends places?

Challenge a friend

You alone can make a difference, but imagine if all your friends made one simple change as well.

Learn how you can reduce your greenhouse gasses and off-set what you have left.

Reduce your emissions

Learn what emissions you are creating, how many, and what you can do to reduce them, saving you money and making a difference.

Off-set your left overs

Learn how to carbon off-set what you can’t reduce in the best way possible without the hassle and confusion.