The Carbon Shop helps you reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The tag line of The Carbon Shop is “Climate Change – making it personal” because I believe we have left it to the politicians for too long, and because not only are the impacts of Climate Change going to hit us all personally, but the solution, in part, is in our hands.

Why have I set up The Carbon Shop?

I have worked in the greenhouse gas emission reporting area for more than ten years. I have managed emission reduction programmes limited or curtailed by executive disinterest, and I have been to many conferences to hear how urgent the need is, how possible it is to reduce emissions if we just ….. and how little we are actually doing. New Zealand’s emissions are increasing unchecked, as are Australia’s, and I’m frustrated.

Also, on a personal basis, as a grandfather, I want to be able to take my grandchildren into our beautiful back-country and enjoy the environment and ecology that I value so much. I know we will loose the glaciers, will we also loose the Kea and Rock Wren from the mountain tops? How will I explain that to my grandchildren? What can I say when they ask “what did you do about that Granddad?”

 Why should you take any notice?
1. Let’s be pragmatic about it;

The predominant source of emissions from us as individuals comes from energy use, at least the easily measured emissions. Energy use costs us money.
So reducing energy use = cost savings = emission reduction. Save money => Save the planet.
{I will develop a page on this subject}

2. A second reason;

Climate Change is going to cost you in many other ways. Whether you have a bach / crib on the water’s edge at the beach, live on a flood plain, or your vege garden doesn’t like the drought or flood, we will all have Climate Change impacts. And if you don’t have a personal costly impact, your neighbour will, and your insurance fees will rise anyway.
{I will develop a page on this subject}.

3. “Making it personal” and from the heart;

There are many life style values which will be impacted by the changes in climate. Whether you are a skier/snowboarder who will be wondering where to go to play, or a diver looking for an un-bleached reef, there are life style values which you enjoy which may not be available to your children or grand children. As a tramper (hiker) I considered my recreational joy was immune, until I planned a trip in Te Urewera and found the tracks closed due to another severe storm toppling trees. And a friend has told me;  “Don’t bother going to the Ashburton glacier – its gone”.
{I will develop a page on this too}.