The first step to reducing your emissions is to understand what activities are generating them. The Carbon Shop provides a Carbon Estimator suitable for use in Australia and New Zealand.

Emission factors published by the Government departments of these two countries have been used to formulate a simple spread sheet to calculate your emissions. The emission factors associated with the food you eat are sourced from international information and these may not represent Australian and New Zealand food production. They can be taken as an estimate until Australian and New Zealand food producers provide local emission factors related to their manufacturing processes.
Carbon Estimator

The tool calculates the Carbon emissions grouped into Home, Food, Transport, and Recreation.
The Home category includes all heating / cooling, cooking and hot water, along with waste and recognizes any Solar electricity generated on site.
The Food category utilizes emission factors from an international site.
The Transport category measures emissions from your use of the main modes of daily transport, your vehicles and means of public transport.
The Recreation category estimates the emissions associated with travel overseas and recreational activities at home. Emissions from international flights require identification of the distance flown and the seat class while rail and ferry emissions can be estimated from the distance. Ocean cruise emission are estimated from factors developed in a scientific paper.