The principal source of emissions from a family or individual is from energy use. This may be in the home, with home heating and cooling, cooking and hot water, or in the energy of private transport.

This page will develop themes of what you can do to reduce your emissions, and will also provide links to useful advice. Using the Carbon Estimator will provide a diagram of your emission sources to help you prioritize your efforts, and measure your successes.

This graph shows my personal measured emission reduction pathway.

In my Home, I have double insulated the ceiling, completed the underfloor insulation, and retrofitted external wall insulation (of my 1950’s weatherboard house).
I have double glazed all windows and doors and use a heat pump with circulation into hallways.

For my Transport, I purchased a Prius C in 2012 bringing fuel consumption down to 4 litres / 100km. I purchased a Hyundai Ioniq EV in 2017.

In terms of my diet, I became largely vegetarian in 2019.

Each of you will have different circumstances which will influence what reductions you can make, the important thing is to make some effort, and celebrate your successes.

The graph above shows good progress in the daily emissions reduction, but look what happens when we add overseas holidays:
2013: Single economy NZ to UK return via Canada; 5.3 TCO2e
2015: Single economy NZ to Kathmandu; 4.2 TCO2e
2016: Two trips economy NZ to UK; 12.6 TCO2e
2017: Two trips economy NZ to Australia; 1.6 TCO2e
2018: Single economy NZ to Peru, One trip NZ to Australia, plus campervan holiday 12.2 TCO2e
2019: 15 day cruise to sub Antarctic Islands

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