Let’s make Climate Change personal!

I am passionate about helping people and businesses make a difference.

I have 13 years in the sustainability sector helping large corporates meet their emission targets and legal requirements – and making changes in my own home.

I was inspired to create The Carbon Shop by the lack of change on a government level, both from a professional working in the corporate sector and in my own home.

The lack of information on greenhouse gas emissions and how each individual can make a change is frustrating, so I want to be able to spread the word on how easy it can be. I use have created a way to calculate emissions so you don’t have to, making it easy to see where you can make big changes and, if you choose to, off-set what you can’t reduce.

Off-setting your carbon emissions as an individual is hard, with very few places to buy carbon, so I have made it accessible.

My mission is to help the individual to make changes and inspire others so that we can start a movement.

Let’s make Climate Change personal and see what we can achieve when individual’s can become a collective and drive change together.

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